Young Gun: get them, boy

The 40 places available for the Danish Young Gun Camp Summer Edition, held between 26th June and 2nd July, sold out in one week confirming the success and potential of young windsurfers. As a result of the huge interest, Neil Pryde will organizing an extra edition, in the following week.

This is the first year of the Young Gun Camp Summer Edition. The basic concept is the same as the famous JP Young Gun Classic, in Klitmøller, however at the Summer Edition there will be four NeilPryde/JP team riders connected as full time instructors and parents are not allowed at this camp.

The Summer Edition Camp takes place in Hvide Sande, in a unique location, with the North Sea on one side and a protected Fjord on the other side. This means the 40 young people, aged 12-18, can basically get all conditions for windsurfing and SUP within walking distance. Also, unlike the Klitmøller Camp, the young people and their instructors will sleep in tents on the beach.

"Many participants from the annual JP Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller (October) have asked us to organize a summer edition in a warmer period. So we knew about the demand, but I must say that I did not expect the summer camp to be sold out already within a week", says co-organizer Torben Kornum.

"It is my guess that from 2012 we can run 4-5 weeks of camps in the school holidays and still not cover the need for such events."

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