Défi Wind: more than 1000 windsurfing maniacs

The 2011 Défi Wind will showcase the Amateur Windsurfing Movie Festival, in Gruissan, France. The windsurfing competition attracts riders from all over the world to the beautiful French town and will also be a great spot for independent filmmakers.

While enjoying the best Tramontane winds, all sailors are invited to produce and deliver a six-minute windsurfing movie to the jury. The best five films will be showed on the big screen during a windsurf party, on the 3rd June.

The rules are simple. Prepare a 360-second footage with outstanding tricks moves and races, add a few words to the plot summary and wait for the final decision. The announcement of the best windsurf movies will be made on 23rd May.

Of course, try to be creative and do not add too many special effects. Keep it simple and attractive.

Finally, if you're competing at the 2011 Défi Wind, make sure to register your personal details. In the last year, more than 1000 windsurfers set sail in one of the biggest windsurfing events in France.

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