Dave Hackford: Raceboard master

More than 100 windsurfers competed in the 2011 Weymouth Raceboard Slalom event held in Portland, UK. The wind said yes and everyone had a superb wind sailing contest.

By the end of day one, four sailors had tallied a first position, which truly highlights the jostling at the front of the fleet. On Sunday morning, the wind blowing off the Portland breakwater was touching 30 knots, which was certainly going to provide "heavyweights" an advantage.

Dave Hackford sailing the Tushingham 9.5 XR Race and Starboard Phantom was lying fifth after the first day, but with the wind to his favour Dave won the four races on Sunday to take the lead into the final days racing on Monday.

Last year's champion Mark Kay, revived "kid on the block" Jon White and "veteran" Tom Naylor dominated the front of the fleet on the last day. Dave’s consistency with top results ensured he took both the overall crown and the "heavyweight" title for the Cup event.

Jon White, also sailing the Tushingham XR and Phantom won the lightweight division and took second. Mark Kay on Demon and Phantom came third.

"If you haven’t raced, and competitive spirit runs through your veins then try a UKWA event when it comes to your region, The atmosphere is superb, and I have to say that windsurfing around the Olympic course, with Nick Dempsey training in the area is inspirational.", says Dave Hackford.

Final results of the 2011 Weymouth Raceboard Slalom:

1. Dave Hackford
2. Jon White
3. Mary Kay

1. Annette Kent
2. Harriet Ellis

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