Weymouth Speed Week

Weymouth Speed Week was superb this year, with the harbour record being broken on the 1st day by Anders Bringdal at 38.52 knots.

Three great counting rounds in the week which gave us our speed champions for 2008 Pete Young with 37.29 knots and Zara Davis with 30.89 knots. Prizes and Trophy were donated by Spartan wetsuits.

It was also a counting round of the ISWC Speed world cup. Results for the UKWA and the ISWC are available. Speedsailing.com has more results and pictures.

Liam Round took the honours for the second year running, being the fastest junior windsurfer at the start of Weymouth Speed Week.

16 year old Exocet rider Liam notched up a speed of 32.27 on Saturday breaking the previous junior record by 3.88 knots. Unfortunately for Liam he lost  out on the overall title to Martin Hayes a kiteboarder who posted a speed of 32.43knots.

Liam wasn’t too disappointed though as Anders Bringdal presented him with a 7m X15, courtesy of Tushingham sails who sponsor the Junior Windsurf prize.

Dakine Weymouth Speed Week 2008 Results & Prizes

Fastest of the Week:

Pro Fleet :Thommen T1 Trophy
Anders Bringdal    38.48    Dakine Rolling Luggage
Nick Dempsey    35.86    Dakine Overhead Bag
Dave White    35.66    Dakine Rucksack

Gold Fleet: Gold Fleet Shield

Bob Cunningham    37.01    Dakine Rolling Luggage
Nigel Bowley    36.33    Dakine Overhead Bag
Pete Cunningham    35.94    Dakine Rucksack

Amateur Fleet

Peter Young    37.22    F2 Missile board
Stephen Corps    35.07    Maui Sails Sail
Ian Richards    34.50    Maui Sails Boom
All received a DVD from Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Ladies Fleet: Wintek Ladies Shield

Zara Davis    30.78    Roxy Wetsuit from Wndtec
Jane Sanderson    24.48    Reef Sandals & Bag From Windtek
Rozy Timson    19.54    Roxy rash vest All plus Dakine goodies

Masters Fleet: Windtek Masters Shield

Peter Young    37.22    Dakine Rolling Luggage    
Ian Richards    34.50    Dakine Overhead Bag    
David Connor    32.87    Dakine Rucksack   

Novice Fleet

Ian Richards    34.50    Holiday to Club Vass
Lance Newbery    32.64    Dakine Rolling Luggage
Jason McCaffrey    32.29    Dakine Rucksack

Fastest Kite: Dakine Kite Speed Trophy

Nigel Bowley    36.33    Dakine Overhead Bag
Dave White    34.51    Dakine Rucksack
Martin Hayes    32.43    Dakine Hydration Backpack

Fastest Boat: AYRS Pot

Dave White    18.48    Dakine Rolling Luggage
Torix Bennett    14.67    Dakine Rucksack
Fred Ball    4.86    Dakine Hydration Backpack

Fastest Youth: Tushingham Shield

Martin Hayes    32.43    Mystic Kite Harness & Heat Belt
Liam Round    34.51    Tushingham X15 Sail
Harry Allerston    32.43    Dakine Kite Harness

Most Tenacious Youth:

Henry Bloodworth who received two sets of Dakine Harness lines as we thought he would need them!

2008 UKWA Speed Champions: Spartan Trophies

Men:         Pete Young
Women:     Zara Davis

AYRS Portland pot for the person who embodied the spirit of Weymouth Speed week
Went to “Bruno”, Brian Warner, at 74 our oldest entrant who still went out in 30 knots with a 6.0m sail!

Crash of the Week

Went to Anders Bringdal who crashed whilst demonstrating how to sail fast.
He was presented with a signed copy of Bjorn Dunkerbeck's autobiography.

Muppet of the Week

Went to: Simon White who after the course flags were turned round to Starboard he continued to sail on Port for two hours! Prize: Bjorn's autobiography in German.

Most Rescued

Went to David White and Nick Green with two each

Source: UKWA and SpeedSailing

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