Red Bull Rockets: mind the fan

Dario Ojeda jumped 36.28ft to conquer the extraordinary Red Bull Rockets, a windsurfing contest held in Las Salinas de Pozo, Gran Canaria, Spain.

The concept is quite simple. Find the best wave ramp and jump up to the skies. Sixteen windsurfers were invited to fight for the "Highest Jump", "Best Trick" and "Hardest Wipeout".

Ojeda took home the 3,500 Euros, but he was closely followed by Ricardo Campello with a jump of 35.74ft. Gravity is not a problem with your sail and board are perfectly tuned. Of course, add 15-25mph winds and you're done.

The windsurfers were equipped with motion tracking devices and the results were captures in real time. At the same time, riders kept pulling one-handed forwards, double forwards and pushloops.

Philip Koester took the "Best Trick" award and the "Hardest Wipeout" went to Ricardo Campello, after breaking his board with a stunt.

Highest jumps of the 2011 Red Bull Rockets Gran Canaria:

Dario Ojeda - 36.28
Ricardo Campello - 35.74
Philip Koester - 34.44
John Skye - 33.10
Robby Swift - 27.23
Aleix Sanllehy - 25.73
Elezar Alonso - 25.27
Danny Bruch - 24.56
Marcillio Browne - 24.22
Jonas Ceballos - 23.21
Klaas Voget - 22.84
Yannick Anton - 22.63
Marcos Perez - 21.38
Kai Lenny - 20.87
Victor Fernandez - 20.35
Bryan Metcalf-Perez - 19.97

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