Martin Gaveriaux: mile eater

Martin Gaveriaux has successfuly windsurfed from Saint Nazaire to Sainte Marine, in France, a 180 nautical mile distance journey. Equipped with a GPS device strapped to his forearm, Gaveriaux was the only windsurfer competing at the Record SNSM, along with 70 boats and 364 crew members.

The challenger had already linked Key West, in Florida, and Cuba, one year ago. "On one occasion, I was on starboard, I was green but no-one gave way", he tells.

The yacht sailors that he passed applauded the windsurfer as he passed by. Five hours after crossing the start line, Martin arrived in Belle Isle, at 24h. He changed the batteries in the GPS, gulped down some carbs, cobbled together his masthead lights and put on a windproof jacket.

The night was a challenge. Martin had never spent a whole night at sea on his board before. It was really dark. It was pitch black. It was impossible to judge the wave properly so he fell in repeatedly.

"It was crazy, with zero visibility like that I couldn't balance properly", Martin complained. "But that ws nothing compared to keeping in touch with my safety boat. That was something else".

Tired and hungry, Martin kept windsurfing and 21 hours and 37 minutes after he arrived at Sainte Marine. The average speed was of 8.32 knots, including rest breaks and trips to find the rescue boat.

Gaveriaux is the first windsurfer to write his name in the pages of Record SNSM. "Every challenge is a little crazy, but if you feel capable of carrying out a project and prepare well then you must try. Challenges are not possible if you don't have conviction."

Now, he wants to cross five straits on five continents: The English Channel, Gibraltar, Cook, Florida-Cuba and China-Taiwan.

Surfing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will take place in the ocean, not in a wave pool. The waiting period runs from July 24 to August 9.

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