Formula 167 Wide: it looks like a spaceship

Windsurfing company Starboard has unveiled the new "Formula 167 Wide", the widest Formula Windsurfing board ever produced in the world of course racing.

The revolutionary board stands in the list of approved boards for the 2012/2013 season by the ISAF. A closer inspection of that tail also reveals ergonomic heel recessions for comfortable downwind runs and multi-layered, oversized cutaways helping up- and downwind characteristics.

Starboard believes this board is mainly designed to make the best of out light-wind conditions or for medium-to-heavyweight riders, but they also offer an alternative for high-wind course racing, which is the more standard Formula 167.

Best suited to medium-and-light weight riders, this board features the same heel recessions of its cousin, but the oversized cutaways are slightly adapted to accommodate its different tail width: a still very respectable 84cm.

"Because the ISAF only registers new Formula boards every two years, these Formula boards will be the ones to beat for the next two years. Directly influenced by our racing program and refined by some of the best Formula racers in the game, the new Starboard Formula boards have a whole range of innovations", reveals Remi Villa, head of racing R&D at Starboard.

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