RS:One: congrats NeilPryde

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) council has granted the class status to the RS:One by NeilPryde, at the annual meeting held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The RS:One is the new, exciting, ISAF one-design class. One sail, one board - everyone competing on the same equipment. It's the rider that makes the difference.

The RS:One comes from the same racing pedigree as the Olympic RS:X and the NeilPryde RS:Racing. This universal ISAF one-design class allows male and female racers of all ages to compete on the same equipment.

RS:One is a fantastic opportunity for sailing and yachting clubs and federations to organize races and attract newcomers - bringing back the regatta fans to the sport.

This recognition is a great step forward for the worldwide class growth and will see the first RS:One world champions, in the end of 2012.

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