Supremesurf Big Days: cold and windy

Philip Köster is a man of extreme windsurfing conditions. Up to 50 knots of winds were available at the Supremesurf Big Days, in Ahrenshoop, Rostock, Germany, and Köster got the most of it.

Thirty six windsurfers gathered in the Baltic Sea to determine who’s the king of the waves on this part of the planet. Mathias Bade, Leon Jamaer, Stefan Gobisch and Stefan Gobisch showed up to battle and show their highest loops.

They couldn’t use the in-depth knowledge of their homespot to their advantage, even though Philip Köster was struggling with the cold - he rode barefoot, like in previous years. The young rider impressed with his very consistent double loops.

But the competitors wouldn’t give up and were determined to use the low temperatures to their advantage, making it hard for him wherever they could.

Fat loops, radical waverides and very slashy turns all around – the highly motivated locals gave it all. In the end, Matze Bade made it to fourth place, Leon Jamaer battled Matze and got third place.

The big final pitted Lars Gobisch against Philip Köster and the conditions were brutal. Gusts of 54 knots, slabs of foam shooting from the top of the waves, and both riders were already exhausted when they entered the water for their final heat.

Lars downsized his sail just before the start of his heat to stay in control, and was a little down on his luck when he chose his waves. Philip scored with an extremely tweaked pushloop and a very high stalled forward. In the end he walked away victoriously and rightly so.

“I am so happy right now! Getting over here definitely was worth it! The conditions were brutal but very rewarding and I had a lot of fun”, said Philip Köster.

Supremesurf Big Days 2011 results:

1. Philip Köster
2. Lars Gobisch
3. Leon Jamaer
4. Mathias Bade

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