Inlet-to-Inlet 2011: the gusty wind family

Windsurfer Ron Kern has conquered the 2011 Inlet-To-Inlet Distance Race that runs from Fort Lauderdale's South Beach Park, around channel markers at Port Everglades Inlet and Hillsboro Inlet, and returns to South Beach Park.

"Woohoo! Done. I had played things right and won the race", said Ron Kern. "The wind gusts were near 33 mph and everyone was feeling a bit uncomfortable about starting the race in the blasting wind. Sand was blowing hard into the parking lot and above knee high on the beach".

The i-to-i contest was sailed for the 9th year. There were a lucky number of 13 sailors, just like in 2009 (the 2010 race wasn't run because of weather conditions).

Three sailors finished the complete course, in very challenging conditions. The wind was a strong ENE 18-28 mph. This was the first year for upwind/downwind kite racers who showed up. There was much speculation on who would win in kiteboarding, but Patrick Rynne was the best kiteboarder.

"Exhausted and barely able to pick up my board, I was just proud that I attempted it and got back to shore in one piece. Maybe I'm just a little insane, but I can't wait to do this again next year. I don't see the race being held in conditions worse than this, and I managed to survive this", said Cody Steward.

011 Inlet-To-Inlet Distance Race results:

1. Kern, Ron
2. VanDyke, Gary
3. Martinez, Fernando
4. Rynne, Patrick (Kiteboarding)
5. Kashy, Dave
6. Wagner, Don
7. Steward, Cody
8. Campbell, Steve
9. Vogt, Michael
10. Boillet, Marc
11. Kirkhoff, Dan (Kiteboarding)
12. Rayl, Michael
13. Sal

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