Brazilian Slalom Nationals: there's a mysterious French sail in there...

Gabriel Browne is fired up. After winning the South American Formula Championship, the Brazilian windsurfer claimed the Brazilian Slalom Nationals. The event was organized by T’ai Eventos at Icaraizinho, which is without a doubt, one of the best slalom spots in Brazil with guaranteed winds, at this time of the year.

On Saturday, the winds were a bit on the lighter side and sail ranged between 7.0s and 7.8s and 107 boards. A four jibe course was set with a very long first leg, making speed essential on the first reach.

Gabriel Browne, Mathias Pinheiro and Wilhelm Schurmann had a great fight on the first day, with Gabriel and Mathias winning two races and Wilhelm one. By the end of the day, only two points separated the three riders, after 5 finals.

On Sunday, the stronger winds were back and as the day progressed and the tide rose, some nice swell was rolling into the course making it great fun on the outside jibes. The course was shorter and the jibes had some great action.

Gabriel Browne nailed the first three finals to secure the victory and left the battle for second place between Mathias and Wilhelm very close. After winning another final, Schurmann tied with Mathias in points and it all came to the last final of the day.

Mathias had a perfect start and lead away on the first jibe, Wilhelm managed to pull him in on the jibes and was breathing down his neck trying to pressure him. On the last jibe, Wilhelm tried sneaking inside him. It was going to be close, but he ended up getting stuck and catapulted over the front as Mathias sailed a great final to secure the last bullet and take second place.

In the Amateur category, it was a close fight between Luis Domingues, who took the win, and Afranio Aguiar in second and Moabio Cristino in third.

Monica Veras took another National title on the Women division.

Top 5:

1. Gabriel Browne
2. Mathias Pinheiro
3. Wilhelm Schurmann
4. Ian Mouro
5. Levi Lenz

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