JP and Steven van Broeckhoven: the Australian and European alliance

Steven van Broeckhoven, the current PWA Freestyle world champion, has joined JP Australia, the windsurfing brand founded by Jason Polakow. The European windsurfer has signed a two year agreement with the iconic Australian signature.

Steven made this decision after carefully testing the freestyle boards of JP. During this process he also got to know Werner Gnigler - JP board shaper - and his way of working.

"JP already approached me last year but I felt very loyal to my old sponsors as they supported me right from the beginning - so, I did not want to leave", says Steven van Broeckhoven.

"This year, JP talked to me again and I got to meet Werner and was able to try his boards. I was very impressed by him and the equipment".

"Werner immediately understood what I am looking for - we simply speak the same language. I really look forward to work with him and develop stuff which will take me to a new level", he added.

Steven van Broeckhoven was born in Belgium. His favourite windsurf spots are Cape Town, Bonaire and Brouwersdam.