Vincent Holton: our windsurfing hero

Vincent Holton may only have a few months to live, but his passion for windsurfing is greater is stronger than everything. With a pure smile and an enormous heart, this 47-year-old hero asked for a complete kit of windsurfing gear and hit the water with all the stoke.

"It's definitely terminal," Holton told News4Jax. "I went through two cycles of chemo, lost my hair, lost my weight, my hair falling out. I'm happy. It's an awkward thing to hear from somebody in my condition, but I have no complaints," he said.

Vince Holton feels fragile as he battles non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma with all his efforts, for two years. His friends and family prepared his sailing wish and he confirmed his qualities as a windsurfer and sportsman.

"One of the things I wanted to do before I passed is I wanted to go out windsurfing at least one more time," Holton explains. "This is actually my third of fourth time, so I've been blessed with that much."

Vincent Holton used to be windsurfing instructor and his doctor, also a windsurfer, helped him getting to the water, near Huguenot Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

"He wanted to sail himself and he did. He got the sail up and he went scooting across the water. He got on the other side, he turned back, he pulled it off, he came back in and he was moving", explained Dr. Michael Janssen.

Vincent Holton, a true windsurfing hero, enjoyed his windsurfing session and says he is touched by "how big people's hearts actually are", especially those who take care of his health. Keep windsurfing, Vincent Holton.

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