Benoit and Sylvain Moussilmani: twin performances

Benoit and Sylvain Moussilmani will be releasing 12 web episodes of a windsurfing travel story about the best wind spots of the world.

"Explore and Play with Les Mouss" will visit all corners of Planet Earth, between pro windsurfing commitments. Benoit and Sylvain Moussilmani want to share the local cultures, the waves, the tricks and the skies of the most important water sports locations of the world.

The first episode of "Explore and Play with Les Mouss" is going to showcase the entire archipelago of Hawaii. The release is schedule for 18th January. Watch the entire series.

The Moussilmani twin brothers are also taking their video series to Chile, Madagasar, Reunion and the Mediterranean Sea.

In the 2011 PWA World Tour, Benoit Moussilmani finished in the 13th place, while Sylvain placed 18th. Their older brother, Cyril Moussilmani, was 4th overall.

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