Sean O'Brien: the Asian windsurfing dominator

Sean O'Brien has conquered the Formula Windsurfing title at the 2012 Asian Windsurfing Championships, in Singapore. The Australian race master dominated the competition, at the NSRCC club along the Changi Coast Walk.

In the Southern hemisphere, the heat is on and the winds are favorable. "The NSRCC windsurfing club is such an amazing piece of infrastructure, purpose built for windsurfing with multiple access ramps, big, shady grass areas for rigging, a number of restaurants and a bar, and a huge amount of storage for windsurfing kit for all the members", explains O'Brien.

In the first day of competition, the fleet managed to knock away two races, with winds over 25 knots. Sean O'Brien took the two bullets racing ahead of Meng and Harold Ma, from Singapore, with courses featuring a long slalom downwind course to the finish line.

On day two, similar winds were up and running. Again, the Australian windsurfer took two bullets, but with the inclusion of English sailor Chris Newman. Newman took two second places ahead of Meng and Harold. Wang Yew Pang was the best Asian windsurfer.

"I was really happy with the performance of my new F167 wide, as it's only the second time I have sailed it. The angles upwind in lightwinds are simply amazing and surprisingly it performs well in strong winds", says Sean O'Brien. Singapore offers a great infrastructure and support for windsurfing events in Asia.

Results of the Formula Windsurfing class of the 2012 Asian Windsurfing Championships:

1. Sean O’Brien (AUS-120)
2. Wang Yew Pang (SIN-0)
3. Matthieu Laura (FRA-11)
4. Harold Ma (SIN-36)
5. Yeap Leong Soo (MAS-7)

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