The 2012 Starboard Product Movie: expect the unexpected

The 2012 Starboard Product Movie has been released by the windsurf brand. Shot in exotic locations like Maui, Western Australia and the Canaries, the movie features the best windsurfers in the planet playing along with Starboard gear.

Boujmaa Guilloul, Taty Frans, Kevin Pritchard, Philip Koester and more put on an impressive show of freestyle, speed and wave domination. There's even a special synchronised slo-mo jump that is pumping everyone's hearts.

The windsurf movie was filmed and edited by Maui Nerd Productions, with additional footage from Scott McKercher and Matt Holder.

The 2012 Starboard Product Movie is "not just a movie for windsurfers, but also a movie for people who haven't windsurfed yet", reports Starboard.

The promise made by the windsurf brand was true. The thirt thirteen-minute wind action delivers fast-paced wave and slalom action mixed with SUP adventures. The soundtrack and the helicopter angles wrap up the 2012 Starboard Product Movie.

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