The MauiSails Dragon: great tattoo idea

Maui Sails was founded in 1978 by Barry Spanier and Geoffrey Bourne, after surviving a shipwreck on their way to the New Hebrides islands. While recovering from the loss of their 38 Cutter "Seminole", they've decided to create MauiSails.

The mysterious and legendary dragon appears 19 years after the foundation of the windsurfing brand. Although dragons are not quite usual in the windsurfing world, this one has an interesting story.

The MauiSails European-style dragon was created in 1997 by Artur Szpunar, the CAD manager and co-sail designer. Although it is not widely spread through MauiSails products, the animal has a story.

"I have always enjoyed doing surreal artwork with crazy creatures and morphing images. Around 1997, I created a number of 'dragon wing' sail graphic concept drawings, which attempted to make the sail look like it was part of an organic life form", explains Szpunar.

"When I came to work at MauiSails and saw the screen prints for the 'Mutate Now' T-shirts from the 80's, it was clear that we had some parallel ideas and I was inspired to do my own rendition of the Mutant", he adds in the MauiSails history timeline.

Artur Szpunar combines his interest for structural functionality of sails with artistic talent for graphic design. He also enjoys testing MauiSails gear at at his favourite breaks from Kuau to Hookipa.

This artwork created by Artur Szpunar is part of the windsurfing brand's history, but has anyone thought of having the MauiSails' dragon tattooed?

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