NZ Windsurf Nationals: truly competitive

Alohkaa Pequeux and Antonio Cozzolino have dominated the Tecnho 293 Oceanics and RS:X New Zealand Nationals. Despite the light and shifty wind, the Kiwi fleet competed to get the trophies awarded to the best sailors, at the Manly Sailing Club.

Windsurfing coach Grant Beck supported a small Green fleet, in which Australian Jessica Crisp was clearly a major standout. Her sailing performance impressed and she took the RS:X Women's division.

The New Caledonian windsurfing team have also showed great skills in light breezes. The Under 17 and Under 17 divisions saw tight windsurf battles which promise a bright future for New Zealand windsurfing.

Alex Hart, Aaron Gibb-Pearson, Paris Stowell, Finn Croft, Maiya Holton, Xanthe Bowater and Hilary Comber were awarded titles in the Techno 293 competitions.

Antonio Cozzolino, who won was crowned winner of the RS:X division, was clearly happy and proud to be part of the celebration of Kiwi windsurfing.

Tecnho 293 Oceanics and RS:X New Zealand Nationals:

Techno 293:

Overall Winner: Alohkaa Pequeux
Open Boys: Aaron Gibb-Pearson
Open Girls: Paris Stowell
Under 15 Boys: Finn Croft
Under 15 Girls: Maiya Holton
Under 17 Boys: Alohkaa Pequeux
Under 17 Boys (NZ): Alex Hart
Under 17 Girls: Xanthe Bowater
Green Fleet: Hilary Comber


Mens 9.5: Antonio Cozzolino
Women 8.5: Jessica Crisp
Youth Men 8.5 Quentin Cottereau
Youth Women 8.5 Audrey Yong

The push through, or punch through technique allows surfers to get past a small broken wave and reach the lineup without having to duck dive or turtle roll.

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