Vincent Mellouet: you will be missed

Vincent Mellouet has passed away after suffering a terrible accident while wave windsurfing in Sainte Barbe, in the Bretagne region, France.

The talented windsurfer was also an addicted all-round boardrider. In his blog "Low Pressure", he shared his passion for windsurfing - freestyle and waves - as well as Standup Paddleboarding.

Vincent Mellouet was preparing to go to Fuerteventura for more training sessions and windsurf improvement. The tragic news is a deep shock to his family, wife Blandine Fort, friends and windsurfing community.

Vincent Mellouet was part of the Fanatic windsurfing team. His last wave sailing video "6/5mm" was released one month ago.

Mellouet was born on the 20th April 1980. He was the French Freestyle Championship in 2009. His favourite spots were Lac de Monteynard (Alpes), La Coudoulière, Carro and Moulay Bouzarktoune.

Vincent enjoyed Shaka, Air Chachoo, Big Forward, Back Loop and all kind of sliding moves like double manoeuvres. The French windsurfer will be greatly missed. His favourite slogan was "life is great".

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