Windsurfing harnesses: get comfortably hooked in

The windsurfing harness allows windsurfers to hook in the harness lines attached to the boom and let their body weight balance against the windsurf sail, without using the power of the arms.

Strong winds and sudden wind gusts may require harnesses while windsurfing, too. That is why the quality of materials is definitely relevant when you're buying a harness for windsurfing.

You'll be saving energy and enjoying total comfort while sailing in defying winds if your harness is technically good and well fit to your body. There are three main types of windsurf harness: chest harnesses, waist harnesses and seat harnesses.

What's the best choice? The answer is simple. Find the one that fits you best. A good advice is to pick the harness that doesn't cut off blood circulation.

Hooking in the windsurf harness should be quick, safe and comfortable. The same applies to the unhooking process. Make sure your harness lines are properly placed in order to improve the sailing performance.

There are several good harnesses in the market. Dakine and NP are currently marketing the best windsurfing harnesses in the world.

The "Dakine T7" features a dual position lock buckle sliding bar system, memory foam pressure point relief zones, independent primary and secondary power belt, and a key pocket. A comfortable pick for only $220.

The "Dakine T-6" is one of the best windsurfing harnesses in the world. It's a refined version of the classic Dakine waist harness and combines comfort and support. Yours for $220.

The "Dakine XT" features a power clip lock buckle system, a stainless steel spreader bar, featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad, independent primary and secondary power belt, and an eight-point load dispersion system. Only $150.

The "NP 3D Wind" offers maximum support due to its unique pre-bent shape that comfortably wraps around your body. The back base system provides support where it's needed most, while the cushioned interior matches the concave shape of your lower back perfectly.

The "NP Race Seat" is specifically designed for racing through an ultra-lightweight construction. The harness features compact fit and a low hook position to maximize leverage on the rig for $135.

Flying Objects, North, Neil Pryde, ION, Pro Limit and Mystic are other windsurf brands producing harness lines.

The windsurfing harness review has been updated on the March 6, 2017.