Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2012: stormy clouds, blowing winds

Nicole Boronat, Federico Infantino, Yannick Anton and Andrew Fawcett won the Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2012. Team 2 was considered the best in competition and will take the trophies of Fuerteventura back home.

The last two days were hard. The crew and several riders did everything to make competition possible, but it was impossible to find any spot with wind and waves.

Windsurfers drove several times along the North Track from "Corralejo" up to "Majanicho" and also checked "Glass Beach" and "Entubadera". The Fuerteventura spots simply weren't delivering suitable conditions.

"This year, it wasn't so easy to choose the right spots. We had sailed a competition at Majanicho and free sessions at Cotillo, Agostino and Punta Blanca. The focus of the event is about surfsailing and surfing waves", explained organizer Orlando Lavandera.

"We definitely did everything to follow these goals and kept the spirit and the original idea of the event! I definitely plan to run the event in 2013 again. Thanks to all the great sailors for joining us and participating in this year´s event!".

The Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2012 saw the team of local riders, one Italian and one British win the contest. Who will claim the 2013 wave windsurfing adventures?

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