Curacao Challenge: freestyle maneuvers

The Curacao Challenge 2012 will be sailed between the 17th-20th May. The slalom and freestyle windsurfing event is becoming an important stage in the world sailing circuit.

The event gathers windsurfers of all ages and all levels in Curacao, the largest and most populous of the three ABC islands - Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao - of the Lesser Antilles.

The Caribbean climate and the favorable winds will help making a great Curacao Challenge 2012. This year, there will be two full days of slalom races at St. Joris and two half days at Jan Thiel Beach.

The freestyle contest will be run in two half days, at the Windsurfing Curacao Spanish Waters. Windsurfers from all corners of the world are invited to register and to improve their skills.

The Curacao Challenge 2012 will be streamed live online. A web camera will be pointed at the race area so that you don't miss one minute of windsurfing action.

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