Round Hayling Island 2012: classic Mistral sail spotted

The British windsurf racing season has been opened. Rob Kent has finished the Round Hayling Island 2012 marathon in first place, after sailing faster than 100 windsurfers and SUP riders.

Despite light northern winds, the event got underway because the competition is not governed by minimum wind speed. Fortunately, there were crystal blue skies for the entire Round Hayling contest.

Windsurfers and stand-up paddleboarders left the line at the same time for a spectacular start. Even the BBC radio reported on the start as one yachtsman phoned in to describe the event happening live on radio from his yacht.

Windsurfers reached Langstone harbour in good time - just around 25 minutes, but the final leg was a slog against the spring tide rushing out past Hayling Island Sailing Club.

Rob Kent racing the brand new Starboard Phantom 377 and powered by the Tushingham XR race sail 9.5 led the fleet to the finish, and Annette Kent won the women's fleet with a superb overall second.

Tushingham and Starboard were sponsors of the event, but the overall awards must go to Hayling Island Sailing Club for being a superb host and the passionate organiser John Message.

Final results of the Round Hayling Island 2012:

1. Rob Kent (Starboard/Tushingham)
2. Annette Kent (Starboard/Tushingham)
3. Jon White (Starboard/Hot Sails)

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