UK windsurfers: angry with ISAF

The United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA) considers that the decision by ISAF to replace RS:X with kiteboarding is "without doubt disturbing and regretful".

British windsurfers believe that the "ramifications of the decision are evolving and it will take some time for the picture to become clearer". Interestingly, the UKWA official say that they will not change in the "ability to award National Titles across all the current fleets".

The statement signed by Bob Ingram, chairman of the UKWA, continues saying that the "UKWA will seize the opportunity to step in and further support any class which may be disadvantaged by the decision should other associations no longer be in a position to support them in their current format".

"Furthermore the association will evolve to include any new developments which it considers will be of benefit to its membership and the evolution of windsurfing in the UK".

Bob Ingram says he will "continue to work tirelessly with its partners to deliver the best outcome from this unfortunate decision to its membership" and invites everyone to sign the petition to get windsurfing into the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro.

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