NeilPryde Baltic Cup: Lithuanian waters

Martin Ervin has claimed the 2012 NeilPryde Baltic Cup, which took place over from 25-27th May on the Curonian Lagoon, in Kintai, Lithuania.

The event is a worldwide Formula Windsurfing cup consisting of three stages. Points gathered at the 2012 NeilPryde Baltic Cup are added into the Formula Windsurfing world rankings.

There were 47 windsurfers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia sailing in the contest. The first day saw light winds, but it quickly changed with a strong breeze coming through for the remaining two days.

A total of eight races took place in very competitive conditions. A few windsurfers broke their rigs and had to be rescued by the safety boat.

The level of sailing was high throughout the whole event, especially in the Junior divisions, in which Rytis Jasiunas took first place. The next "Neilpryde Baltic Cup" event will be held between June 29th and July 1st, in Estonia.

Overall Results
1. Martin Ervin (EST202, Estonia, Neilpryde, Starboard)
2. Toomas Molder (EST44, Estonia, Gaastra, Gaastra)
3. Janis Preiss (LAT 23, Latvia, Gaastra, Starboard)

Juniors (under 20):
1. Rytis Jasiunas (LTU799, Lithuania, Severne, Starboard)
2. Roland Mik (EST36, Estonia, Gaastra, Gaastra)
3. Paulius Voverys (LTU718, Lithuania, Neilpryde, Starboard)

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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