Kenya: windsurfing paradise in the Indian Ocean

In January 2012, professional windsurfers Michael Rossmeier (Austria) and Phil Soltysiak (Canada) windsurfed into the unknown.

Kenya’s coastline has never before been discovered by windsurfers, and the two windsurfing explorers decided to find out what this part of the Indian Ocean has to offer.

The pair scoredthree weeks of stable winds, stunning beaches, tropical waters and exhilarating safaris. Kenya surprised these seasoned pros with what it has to offer, and soon you too will have the opportunity to see it from the comfort of your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even better, watching from your work desk, cubicle or office.

The full length clip will be released by the end of August 2012. The "Windsurfing Into the Unknown" ission statement is simple,

To discover and explore the world’s coastlines, learn with and through local cultures with an open mind, and respect for the natural environment, guided by our passion and addiction to nature’s elements of wind and water.

In Kenya, the team takes you on a journey through the beautiful coastal line, where you see as many smiling people as there are palm tree's overlooking stunning white beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters.

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