Kona North American Windsurfing Championships: go for it

The Larsson family dominated the Kona North American Windsurfing Championships, Lake Waconia, USA.

Over 50 windsurfers participated in the competition. Kona windsurfing class is growing steadily again, after the first pulse felt in the 1980s.Joachim Larsson took the top honours in the overall 10-race regatta. Larsson was competing in the Medium Weight, one of the six pisions that fought for glory in Waconia.

Joachim was followed by Kajsa Larsson and Arden Anderson was the third best Kona sailor in the three days of sailing races.

"Racing Kona is tight since the board speed doesn't vary much with the sailor skill, so the tactical decisions make more difference than in other classes. This made for interesting racing, especially in the last two races where we had the entire fleet of 50+ on the course", explains Arden Anderson.

Zane Feder won in Cadets, Kajsa Larsson took Women and Light Weight pisions, Steve Johnson won the Heavy Weight category and Steve Callaway conquered the Super Heavy Weight contest.

2012 Kona North American Championships:

1. Joachim Larsson
2. Kajsa Larsson
3. Arden Anderson
4. Steve Johnson
5. Adam Anderson
6. Rob Evans
7. Brad Woodworth
8. Joe Marotti
9. Bruce Matlack
10. Bob Shuttleworth

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