National Windsurfing Festival: the perfect scenario for the windsurf circus

The 2012 National Windsurfing Festival will hit Hayling Island, UK, between 7th-9th September.

The largest windsurfing event of the British calendar, designed purely for the free-ride sailor, has confirmed the presence of Guy Cribb. The British windsurf legend will be hosting a course aimed at all levels of windsurfing, to improve sailors' stance, control and board speed.

Guy Cribb is a multiple-times UK windsurfing champion, former national coach, technique guru for windsurf magazines and one of the world's leading windsurfing coaches.

The 2012 National Windsurfing Festival takes place from The Inn on the Beach, on Hayling Island, and will showcase equipment demos, industry presentations, master blaster races, water clinics and night parties.

There will be a Pro Tag Team competition, where you may get the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones who will join one of the many sponsored teams.

Also, there are two main divisions racing for glory. The National Fleet for sailors who have competed on the national circuit and the Free Ride Fleet for all sailors who have never entered or competed on the National circuit.

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