Brazilian Freestyle Windsurfing Championship 2008

Edvan Souza (Jericoacoara) was the champion of the World Freestyle Windsurfing championship, held today 23 December, on the beach of Icaraí de Amontada.

In the great final, Edvan focused on maneuvers and established her great phase, winning the most important championship for your career. Edvan won all rounds for the 1st stage (single) of the championship, devolting himself with competence and waiting to beat his adversaries at the grand finale.

At recap (Double elimination), the favorite was Ian Mouro (Jericoacoara), professional athlete of the World Circuit, held incredible maneuvers, beating each opponent, up to the challenge with Edvan Souza.

According to the president of the International Windsurfing Association - IWA, Bruno Wannamaker, "Edvan could won the title at 1 confrontation with his adversary Ian , but his biggest rival, Ian, had a impeccable and perfect round, worthy of world champion, cheering up the audience and going to a new final with Edvan, "analyzed Bruno.

In the female division, Spanish girl Vicky Sanchez, who had the best results at the first day, was consecrated as the best of the year, winning all rounds. The locals sailors Thereza Silva (Jijoca) and Tainã Fernandes (Jericoacoara) finished the championship at the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

The emotions of the World Freestyle Windsurfing Championship had the support of the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Ceará State, through the Department of Sports and City of Amontada. The event was sponsored by Arrow Marketing.

Overall Ranking
Double El.
1 BRA-250 Pedro Edvan De Souza
2 BRA-85 Ian Mouro Lemos
3 BRA-64 Francisco Samuel Ferreira - Sassá
4 BRA-83 Danilo Menezes da Silva - ChicoBento
5 BRA-101 Arthur Pollet
6 BRA-291 Joao Henrique Barros - Janjão
7 SWE-4444 Niklas Stråhlén
7 BRA-91 Levi Lenz
9 BRA-185 Antonio Benevaldo Da Cruz - Bene
9 BRA-885 Erijohnson da Costa
11 BRA-262 Jose Haroldo Cavalcante - Aroldinho

Double El.
1 E-360 Vicky Sanchez
2 BRA-670 Thereza Silva
3 BRA-26 Tainã Fernandes Goncalves
4 BRA-1962 Soni Araujo
5 BRA- Jade Mouro Lemos

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