Hythe Hotshots: the future of British windsurfing

The Hythe Hotshots have conquered the prestigious Team15 Champions Cup, at the Pitsford Reservoir, UK.

Up to 100 young windsurfers gathered in nine teams to compete in the largest Under 15 windsurfing competition held in the country of Her Magesty The Queen. It was also the first time in three years that the Hythe Hotshots secured a place in the final.

"It's been an amazing weekend. I can't believe we did it. It feels awesome!", said Lorna Graham, a Hythe Hotshots windsurfer. "We’d like to thank our coach Marc and our parents for taking us windsurfing".

There were challengers from as far afield as Scotland and Cornwall hitting the difficult weather conditions. Shifty winds, hail stones and light breeze were always changing the windsurfers' tactics.

"This is the one we have worked for over the last couple of years because the last two years we just missed out on qualifying. The kids have done brilliantly", explains Marc Carney, the Hythe Hotshots coach.

The competitors sailed on two courses. The 3.5m and 4.5m sailors completed eight races on the Blue Course, whilst the 5.8m sailors and Techno 6.8m completed six races on the Orange Course.  

Dylan Chase, from the Mumbles Mutineers, has only been windsurfing for a year. He was awarded the Merit Award after dramatically improving his skills, going from a 24th place finish up to a 9th place in race four.  

The second Merit Award was awarded to Lowenna Penny, from Roseland Waveriders, for her team spirit after she helped out her younger team mates who were struggling a little during the races.

Team15 Champions Cup 2012 Final Results:

1. Hythe Hotshots
2. Axbridge Animals
3. Pugneys Pirates
4. West Kirby Warriors
5. Roseland Waveriders
6. Pitsford Pirates
7. Lock Insh Monsters
8. Lakeside Loafers
9. Mumbles Mutineers

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