Daniel Borgelind: the fastest sailor at the 40th Weymouth Speed Week

Daniel Borgelind has been crowned the fastest sailor of the 2012 Weymouth Speed Week, held in the Portland Harbour, UK.

The 40th anniversary of the Weymouth Speed Week marks a deserved victory for windsurfers against kiteboarders, their eternal rivals.

Borgelind sailed like a bullet. The windsurfer recorded the highest speed of the event with 33.174 knots, ahead of windsurfers Stephen Corps (32.969 knots) and Anders Bjorkqvist (32.852 knots).

The largely unfavourable wind conditions did not stop up everybody from enjoying a great week of speed sailing. The final days got better winds and winners have been named in the several divisions.

In the Weymouth Speed Week, results are generated daily in "near-time", when all of the competitor's GT31 units have been collected after the day's competition.

Kiteboarders were not able to reach the 30 knots' mark. Martin Carter was the fastest kite rider with 29.123 knots, followed by Robert Campbell (28.467 knots) and Jeb Beresford (27.084 knots).

Fastest Sailors of the 2012 Weymouth Speed Week:

1. Daniel Borgelind - 33.174 (Windsurfing)
2. Stephen Corps - 32.969 (Windsurfing)
3. Anders Bjorkqvist - 32.852 (Windsurfing)
4. Bob Cunningham - 32.634 (Windsurfing)
5. Simon Cofield - 32.361 (Windsurfing)
25. Martin Carter - 29.123 (Kiteboarding)
27. Robert Campbell - 28.467 (Kiteboarding)
28. Jeb Beresford - 27.084 (Kiteboarding)

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