Camille Juban: flying to victory

Camille Juban has confirmed the 2012 American Windsurfing Tour title, after the Maui Makani Classic, held in Hookipa, Hawaii. Bernd Roediger took the event.

The final stage of the 2012 American Windsurfing Tour was phenomenal. It was one of the best events in the history of US windsurfing, with excellent wind and wave conditions.

The biggest names in windsurfing put up a fierce fight and an epic show against some of the top new names in the sport.

There were 120 entrants from 24 countries, 60 amateur competitors and 20 female sailors, sailing waves in the 12-15 foot region. In the decisive Pro final of the Maui Makani Classic, Bernd Roediger and Kevin Pritchard put out a fabulous show.

Bernd was incredible. His lightness, agility, talent and enthusiasm resulted in some of the best wave riding seen in the contest. He was just styling. Kevin, the ultimate competitor put up a valiant response and proved why he deserved to have won the single elimination.

But these were Bernd conditions, light winds and playful size waves meant he was unbeatable. The decision was made by the judges to crown the just-turned-16 wonderkid, from Maui, with the 2012 Maui Makani Classic title.

Maui Makani Classic 2012 Results:

1. Bernd Roediger
2. Kevin Pritchard
3. Marcilio Browne
4. Camille Juban
5. Robby Swift

American Windsurfing Tour 2012 Final Results:

1. Camille Juban
2. Levi Siver
3. Bernd Roediger
4. Morgan Noireaux
5. Kevin Pritchard

1. Ingrid Larouche
2. Fiona Wylde
3. Sam Bittner
4. Miho Tanaka
5. Tatiana Howard

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