Antoine Albeau: la balle, ready for another speed record

Antoine Albeau has improved the world speed windsurfing record, once again, during the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia. He set it at 52.05 knots.

Albeau is "la balle". The French bullet is the first windsurfer to hit the 52 knots and left Anders Bringdal, the second fastest sailor, 0.60 knots away.

Antoine Albeau has clocked at 52.05 knots (96.39 km/h) over 500 meters and is ready to hit the 100 km/h, which means 53.99 knots. He is only 1.94 knots away from the classic mark.

The ninth day of sailing at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge saw six riders taking a sea in the 50 knots speed windsurfing club. Take a look at who's who in this restricted union.

The windsurfing speed sailors will race over the Luderitz strip until the 2nd December. On the 3rd December, it's time for kitesurfers to improve their national and world record.

The Vestas Sailrocket 2 has broken the speed sailing record with 59.23 knots, in Walvis Bay, Namibia, and dethroned the mark set by Rob Douglas (55.65 knots).

When you reach the "End of the Road," you're all by yourself. Are you sure you're ready to get barreled at Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo?

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