PWA World Tour: waves, freestyle and slalom show

The 2013 PWA World Tour provisional calendar has been released. The best windsurfers in the world will run for the Wave, Slalom and Freestyle titles from the 26th April.

Twelve windsurf spots will host the most talented windsurfers in the planet, in three different divisions: Wave, Slalom and Freestyle.

The show will run from 26th April through 16th December, 2013. The first offcial event of the 2013 PWA World Tour calendar is a Freestyle competition, for Men only, to be sailed in Austria.

A Vietnam stage is still a possibility for early March, but a decision will be made in the near future. The PWA World Tour may also see additional events being added in the next weeks.

The two new windsurf destionations are Cape Town, in South Africa, and a Chilean stage. The Italian event is dropped.

Provisional 2013 PWA World Tour Calendar:

Austria | Freestyle Men | 26th - 30th April
Korea | Slalom | 4th - 10th May
Costa Brava | Slalom | 11th - 16th June
Gran Canaria | Wave | 9th - 14th July
Fuerteventura | Freestyle + Slalom Men | 19th - 29th July
Tenerife | Wave | August
Alacati | Slalom | August
Netherlands | Freestyle + Slalom | 7th - 14th September
Klitmoller | Wave | 16th - 22nd September
Sylt | Wave + Freestyle Men + Slalom Men | 27th Sept - 6th Oct
Chile | Wave | 23 Nov - 1st December
Cape Town | Wave Men | 6th - 16th December

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