Scott McKercher: wave dominator

Scott McKercher has taken the Margaret River Wave Competition 2013, in Western Australia.

Four windsurfing divisions hit the waves in a spectacular day of exceptional wave sailing and thrilling finales. Forty eight sailors attended the event.

Ultimately wave selection, timing and a smidgen of luck proved to be essential in progressing through the heats. In the Masters category, it was former world tour slalom racer Dan Engdahl who took first place, with Mark Slade coming second and Ashley Marchant third.

In the Grand Masters, windsurfers proved that age is no barrier when it comes to fluid bottom turns, aggressive cutbacks and sensational wave selection. Hugh Bowden demonstrated just how the locals do it best to clinch the podium spot, ahead of John Koch and Paul Jackson.

In the Elite division, there was an impressive list of names: Scott McKercher, Karin Jaggi, Ivan Zecca and Patrik Diethelm.

With the wind and swell building, a captivated crowd watched sailors rip it up on mast high sets, until only the two remaining finalists were left - local legend and previous PWA Wave champion Scott McKercher and young British talent Graham Woods.

Both windsurfers put on a dazzling display of super tweaked aerials, waves 360s and some serious lip smacking to generate approving "ooohs" and "aaahs" from spectators and judges alike.

Eventually it was Scotty's uncanny ability to hunt down the biggest waves on offer with not just one, but two mast high wave rides in the final to secure his title as champion. Third place went to Scarborough's Ben Arthur.

Results of the Margaret River Wave Competition 2013:

1. Scott McKercher
2. Graham Woods
3. Ben Arthur

1. Dan Engdahl
2. Mark Slade
3. Ashley Marchant

Grand Masters
1. Hugh Bowden
2. John Koch
3. Paul Jackson

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