Windsurfing brands: get the best boards, sails and accessories

Find the best windsurfing boards, sails, and fins from the world's top manufacturers.

Whether you're looking for new windsurfing equipment or comparing prices and performances, it's always important to get quality products for your wind sessions.

The windsurfing industry has several brands working on the boards, sails, fins and accessories segments. A small group of companies develops a full line of windsurfing gear, with the complete pack available to consumers.

Windsurf boards, sails, and fins are the most important items in windsurfing if you're replacing old equipment. Then, masts, booms, and harnesses will do the rest.

You can also check the windsurf board and sail size chart so that you're never under or overpowered. Find the best windsurfing brands and pick the right equipment for your sailing needs.