Round Haying Island: mind the bridge

The 2013 Round Haying Island windsurf race will take place off the south coast of England, on the 29th March.

Last year, Robert Kent, from Calshot Activity Centre, conquered the full course round Hayling Island against 32 sailors.

In 2010, 42 knot gusts and 90° windshifts made the most memorable of all Round Hayling events. In the insane conditions only nine managed to make it round and across the finish line. The honours went to Guy Cribb in a time of 1 hour 8 minutes.

This year, the 2013 Round Haying Island will also hold a Stand Up Paddle Challenge. The windsurfing racers start in the Hayling Island Sailing Club and will head through four gates on the course to complete the circuit.

One will be positioned in the area of Northney Marina (gate 1), at the top of Chichester Harbour, one near the Ferryboat Inn (gate 2), on the west side of Hayling Island.

Another one will be placed directly to the south of the Inn on the Beach (gate 3) and one to the south of the HM Coastguard look out, on the seafront (gate 4).

Entry is limited to a total maximum of 150 windsurfers and stand-up paddleboarders.

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