Viganj: windsurfing in Croatia

The 2013 Formula Windsurfing World Championship will be held at Club Bofor, Viganj, Croatia, between 8th-13th July.

The venue is well known to many windsurfing racers, having hosted previous editions of the Croatian Open Championships. This year's event is also an important stop on the 2013 European Cup Tour.

Viganj is a small tourist place on the peninsula of Peljesac, six kilometers from Orebic and about 15 minutes by boat from Korcula. It is ideal place for swimming and all kind of water sports, and especially good for windsurfing.

Usually, the spot offers 20 knots of seabreeze, every day. In July, it works like a watch. Peljesac is a Peninsula in the south of Croatia and is about 80 kilometers long, with mostly rocky coast, romantic bays and high mountains.

Competitors shall race a maximum of five races per day, in a maximum of 15 race series. Three races are required to validate the Championship.

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