27th Calema Midwinters: strong winds and long bridges

Nahuel Abram has taken the Formula Windsurfing Pro Men title at the 27th Calema Midwinters, in Merritt Island, Florida.

A total of 96 windsurfers competed in one of the most important sailing events in the United States. There were wind riders coming from Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, USA, Israel and Spain.

Winds really came up, with gusts hitting 45 miles per hour. Despite the low temperatures, spirits were high, on and off the water. More than 60% of the races were successfully completed.

In the Formula Windsurfing Pro Men division, Nahuel Abram took four out of six bullets and left Mathias Pinheiro and Fernando Martinez in second and third places.

The 27th Calema Midwinters also run Kona, RS:X and Techno 293 competitions. Monica Arche, Andree Gauthier and Solvig Sayre took the most important Women titles, at stake in Merritt Island.

Formula Windsurfing Pro Men:

1. Nahuel Abram
2. Mathias Pinheiro
3. Fernando Martinez
4. Martin Abete
5. Lourenzo Rola

Kona Men:

1. Nevin Sayre
2. Joachim Larsson
3. Connor Oursler
4. Jerome Samson
5. Tomas Nores

RS:X Men:

1. Jean-Sebastien Fugere
2. Christopher Waldo
3. Malo Ouallet

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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