Philip Köster: who gets higher?

What happens if a kiteboarding girl in her new Beetle Cabriolet snatches away a parking space from windsurf world champion Philip Köster? A battle starts.

Young windsurf master Philip Köster has been invited to the new Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet commercial ad. With spectacular maneuvers, jumps and moves, who's the better one on the water? The kite girl or the windsurf boy?

Köster, fully recovered from his ankle injury that caused him to miss the Red Bull Storm Chase, spent a few days between Nice and Cannes, test-driving the new VW range and posing for pictures.

A few days before, he was spotted at his local break, filming for a new Volkswagen advertisement alongside a couple of models and athletes. The German superstar was seen behind the wheel of the Beetle Cabriolet and, again, in good company.

The new clip is will be aired on Germany mainstream television features some pretty nice windsurfing action.

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