2009 Langebaan Downwind Dash

The world’s biggest kite and windsurf race! Main Beach Langebaan was a kaleidoscope of colour and activity yesterday, as it played host to the world’s biggest kitesurfing and windsurfing race – the Resolution Downwind Dash in conjunction with the Saldanha Beach Sailing Club and Gust Magazine.

The small town’s lagoon was lit up with a splendor of kites and sails, as a record 320 sailors sped their way from Langebaan Main Beach through the 20 kilometer course to the finish at Dial rock, Saldanha.

The event, now in its 24th year, has grown from strength to strength each year leading it to be the biggest mixed race in the world. Event originator and race Director, Malcolm McGregor had no idea that what was once a couple of mates racing each other for a couple of beers would turn into a world class event.

The event is now sanctioned by both the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Kitesurfing Association (IKA) and points count towards the world slalom series.

Resolution proudly joined the event, along with support from Redbull and Voila Travel there was a handsome prize purse of R70 000 in cash and travel vouchers.

With the points and great prizes available, the event drew the attention of some of the worlds best sailors such as five times world freestyle champion Aaron Hadlow (UK), Sebastien Cattelan (FRA) – first sailor to ever break the 50knot barrier, Alex Caizergues (FRA) – outright world speed record holder, Sjoukje Bredenkamp (RSA) – outright women world speed record holder, world champion slalom windsurfer Ross Williams (UK), and Ben Moussilmani.

There were a host of international riders and a whole spread between professionals, families, amateurs, girls, guys, kids and characters like pirates and team Primi Piatti.

Everybody finished with smiles on their faces and the personal battles that went on amongst friends to see who would make it to the end first was enjoyed by all.

Malcolm McGregor, the race director, would like to thank all participants be they competitors, officials, rescue crew, sponsors and spectators for their support of the event.

Participants enjoyed the evening at the Club Mykonos marina terrace with a fish braai and live entertainment from Nungarin and Shy Guevaras. Special thanks to Resolution for making the event possible, to Malcolm and the Saldanha Beach Sailing Club, Red Bull, Hunters and the rest of the sponsors.

1 Williams Ross 
2 Benoit Moussilmani 
3 Greg Thijsse 
4 Alex Caizerguerus 
5 Klaas Voget 
6 Seb Cattalan 
7 Steven Rhodes 
8 A. Carl 
9 Andy Lanfer 
10 Wayne Louw 
11 Eli Zarke 
12 M. Derman 
13 Colin Heckroodt 
14 Luke Gillewie 
15 N Zwager 
16 Ben Van Der Steen 
17 Mike Nothnagel 
18 James Busse 
19 Martin Prest 
20 P. Goeschl 
21 Andre Myberg 
22 Aaron Hadlow 
23 Hennie Bredenkamp 
24 Jason Fornes 
25 Jandre Fraser 
26 Anthony Berzak 
27 Jake Scrae 
28 Hugo Stoltenborg 
29 Tiaan Van Niekerk 
30 Herve Rousseau

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