Morgan Noireaux: wave power

Morgan Noireaux has signed a two-year contract with the Hot Sails Maui professional wave windsurfing team.

The 18-year-old windsurfer living in Hookipa, Hawaii, will be working closely with the brand in the development of the wave sails.

"Having most of the Hot Sails Maui crew based on the island is great- It is a tight knit group and I have a lot of support. It also makes it really easy for me, if I need something, or I have a question I can just go stop by the loft", says Morgan Noireaux.

"Last year, I made three podiums but did not do well in the Maui contest and missed the overall podium by one spot. That definitely lit a fire in me. My goal this year is to win the overall title, so I’ve been training hard on and off the water to make that happen", he adds.

Noireaux enjoys compact four-batten sails that usually excel in light wind wave riding. He also plans to test several different sails and go surfing when the wind's not blowing.

"It will be fantastic to have a Maui based rider available for testing all the time. He is a great talent and spends a lot of time on the water", says Tom Hammerton, Hot Sails Maui designer.

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