Delphine Cousin: fast and French

Delphine Cousin is shining a light in the 2013 French Windsurfing Championship, with a victory in the second stage, held in Brest.

Despite the difficult conditions - three days of disoriented and gusty winds - sailors were able to complete two races.

The organization worked hard to try to get more races, but even if the windsurfing fleet had spent many hours on the water every day, nothing could be done.

"I won both races and I am really happy about it. I still need to work on my start so I used my good speed and jibes to win races", explains Delphine Cousin.

"This second victory allows to get closer to a second French title, although there are two more steps that I must concentrate on. Now I have a two-month break to work on my weak points", the windsurfer adds.

Delphine Cousin is a French windsurfer and has ranked 4th overall in the PWA Women's Slalom Youth Championship.

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