Norway Windsurfing Festival: submarines are not allowed in the race

The inaugural Norway Windsurfing Festival was blessed by a submarine, during the course races, at the new Torkildstranda, in Drøbak.

Strange but true. The Norway windsurfing community was enjoying a special event. Five hundred people gathered for two days of wind sailing, when a submarine of the Royal Norwegian Navy decided to say "hello!".

"The madness peaked even more when the submarine showed up in the middle of the race course and the Marines took swings of golf while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Oslofjord colored with windsurfing sails", explained Martin Haglev, organizer of the 1st Norway Windsurfing Festival.

Despite the strange happening, the town of Drøbak continued the weekend of windsurfing fun with beginner classes, Techno 293 and Formula Windsurfing races, Slalom and Freestyle challenges and parties.

The mayor and the bank manager were convinced to join the madness on a Starboard Gemini in the opening ceremony of the new resort. Could the Norwegian windsurfers ask for more craziness?

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