Steven van Broeckhoven: Belgian freestyle master

Steven van Broeckhoven has conquered the Aqualeto Cup 2013, held in Eysk, Russia.

In the single elimination, strong sailing from Max Rowe showed how much his style and skills improved over the winter, taking out Adam Gavriel from Israel.

In the same heat, Steven van Broeckhoven defeated Julien Mas with big power moves, even in the underpowered conditions.

Van Broeckhoven then took out Rowe and sent him to the losers final, whilst in the same heat Adrian Beholz got beaten by Dieter van der Eyken.

The top four after the first single elimination was as follows: van Broeckhoven, van der Eyken, Beholz and Max Rowe.

"The judges decided to run a double elimination. So it was Dieter against me in the final. The wind dropped even more and I had to pump a lot to get planing and to show my moves. In the end, I had more power moves and a better heat and won the competition", explains van Broeckhoven.

The Belgian windsurfer pumped himself into culos, burners, ponchs, several sliding moves and big shakas. Two years after his last European Freestyle Pro Tour appearance, Steven makes a successful comeback.

Aqualeto Cup 2013 Results:

1. Steven van Broeckhoven
2. Dieter van der Eyken
3. Phil Soltysiak
4. Adrian Beholz
5. Max Rowe

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