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The successes of our Olympic sailors has inspired many new windsurfers to take up windsurf racing. ‘Raceboard’ is already an official class with very simple kit rules based on length, width and production registration. Quite simply the board is a performance longboard - a true racing class. One that is not inhibited by wind strength or location.

It is also provides the fairest racing when considering a sailors size/weight or age. At National level the class has been a little dormant primarily due to board manufacturers being focused on the development on ‘planing’ boards’ (like Formula) and the media spotlight being on RSX (the Olympic Class).

These racing divisions now have their niches – the Raceboard class has the opportunity and desire to once again thrive and become the biggest National and International windsurfing racing class.

On January 10th 2009 the National Raceboard Class was created. A selection of enthusiasts from all aspects of our sport met to lay the foundations for a revived circuit. Their aim is to:

i. Grow the Class
ii. Keep more youngsters in racing when leaving the successful youth divisions
iii. Attract a mass of new racers from the core ‘Freeride’ section
iv. Develop an extensive regional racing scene.
v. Win the World Championships in all divisions

Tushingham, North, Demon, Mistral, Starboard, are key international brands launching new kit for 2009. The first National Championships takes place in Weymouth, May 2nd-4th. If you still have a Raceboard from years ago – don’t feel left behind. The boards are still hugely competitive. Prizes for every entrant and a party for all.

Racing is not for the few. In fact, the very nature of competition (let’s be honest we all want to overtake our mates) helps your board handling skill improve at a rapid rate. Racing, boring? Nonsense – adrenalin kicks in from the moment you park your car. It is a real friendly scene at all events, and if you feel that sea sailing may be a touch ambitious, the National Raceboard Class even runs an Inland circuit. The first of these is hosted by the ‘Midlands’ region at Pitsford reservoir (near Northampton) April 25th-26th.

Rob Kent (multi national champion spearheads the new class) and Paul Robinson holds it all together as secretary. Committee members come from all corners of our sport.

Source: Raceboard UK

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