Peter Volwater: he forgot it was a Slalom competition

Peter Volwater has solidified his lead at the 2013 Dutch Slalom Nationals, after the completion of the third tour stop in Lelystad, Netherlands.

The stage was set for some epic Slalom racing, in proper world-class conditions. A capable race crew soon set a nice big downwind course, before the rotating three-minute starting procedure.

Adriaan van Rijsselberghe, Caspar Bouman, Dennis Littel, Jordy Vonk and Adri Keet were some of the names out in the starting line-up. In the first day, Peter Volwater took two bullets. The second day came with rain and wind, too.

"The wind went down a lot and I really needed to switch the rigs for the next size up. I went for my 8.5, but arrived back too late for the final and the heat was already sailed, resulting in a last 10th place that final", explains Volwater.

Peter was feeling the pressure with Ingmar, Jordy and Adriaan being all serious contenders for the final round. The winning margin was small and even the 16-year-old Coen Swijnenburg was charging.

"After overtaking Adrian, I creeped up to Jordy but could not quite get to him all the way. He showed he was very hungry taking victory of the last race, but I was also happy to take second place this time, as it put me into a solid lead for the Dutch Cup", resumes Peter Volwater.

In the 2013 Dutch Slalom Nationals, all event races count for the year rankings. The weather conditions will determine if there's another tour stop or if Peter Volwater can already celebrate the overall title.

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