Nick Dempsey: the windsurfing valve in Volvo

The world's fastest sailors will put their speed to the test in the Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge, in the Solent, Cowes, United Kingdom.

Windsurfer Nick Dempsey, kiteboarder Sam Lutman-Pauc, Laser specialist Paul Goodison and yacht master Alex Thomson will each be vying to cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line first, to claim £1,000 in prize money for a charity of their choice.

The Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge is a never-before-seen sailing event held during the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

"I think it is going to be about 10 minutes of a lot of fun. I have no idea who will win between us and even though I have a strong competitive streak, I am actually just looking forward to seeing what happens", says Alex Thomson.

Statistically, the two boards are expected to be the quickest. Windsurfing held the world record for fastest sailing speed for years, with the top speed recorded at 49.05 knots over 500 meters, but was recently passed by a kiteboarder with 55.65 knots.

The Moth, a fast hydrofoil dinghy, can reach up to 31.1 knots and the IMOCA 60 record currently sits at 22.72 knots. The Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge will be sailed on the 5th August, 2013, at 5pm.

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