Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race: alone in open sea | Photo: Vagelis Aspromougos

The Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race 2013 will be held in the waters of Greece, between 26th-27th October.

The event takes place in open sea where the wind is stronger and more stable. All windsurfing classes are invited to compete for the third year in this weather forecast based contest.

"The ride is incredibly beautiful. You can see small communities of the southern suburbs on the foothills of the mountains that end up on beaches forming small bays, as well as the open blue sea", explains Jean-Marc Fantis, organizer of the Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race.

Windsurfing is clearly growing in the region. The long distance marathon has been getting the support of the local Varkiza yacht club.

Last year, the race attracted 158 windsurfers from all over Greece. The first buoy is placed at 1/3 of the distance; the second buoy covers 2/3 of the race distance.

Most times, the turning point is a cruiser boat with a huge flag flying over it. If the direction of the wind is convenient, it is possible to use one of the islets of the area as a turning point.

Finish is on the beach, where athletes' abilities are tested on the tactics and tack techniques. Sailors leave their equipment either in the sea or on the shore and run to pass through a gate that sets the finish line.

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