Vincent Langer: dressed in Black

Vincent Langer has joined the Point-7 windsurfing team.

The 2013 German windsurfing champion is making a full return to the Black Team, two years after leaving the brand.

"In my heart I was always Black. It was good to gain experience from in other brands, and now I'm back and super excited. I feel like I have been Formula Windsurfing my whole life. I really like it as it is more tactical that Slalom", says Langer.

The German windsurf racer will be focusing in an international career for 2014, after successfully conquering one of the largest windsurf markets in the world.

"I believe Vincent has a high potential to achieve great results on the PWA World Tour. He has been at the very top in Germany, in the last years, and now it's time for him to take the next step. We need to boost up his self-confidence, so that he can fulfill his dreams", adds Andrea Cucchi, the Point-7 CEO.

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